12 марта 2011 г.

V/A - Universal Choking Sign (12") (1994)

Давно не писал о сборниках, хочется обратить внимание на эту компиляцию середины 90-х, которая довольно недавно была оцифрована. Итак, сборник Universal Choking Sign вышел в 94 году. Сборник содержал в себе панк-рок группы Сиэттла тех лет, и я думаю, что Дейв из Excursion records (лейбл, выпустивший сборник), расскажет о нем лучше чем я:

I started this project over a year ago. Compilations generally take a long time to finish, but it seems like this one has just gone on and on. You've probably heard the story a hundred times before, so I won't bore you with all of the details. Let's just say: It took forever and got delayed even longer. But it did get done. I wanted to put together a sample of the Northwest Punk and Hardcore that I knowand love. Whenever people say "Seattle" or "Northwest", those not all that familiar with our scene generally envision grunge rockers and lattes. While both of those things are present here in abundance, they really have nothing todo with our Punk scene at all. Included here are groups and individuals out of that scene that have inspired me and helped keep me going over the last couple of years. Without them, I would have veiy little to be happy about When I started this record all of the bands on it were still together. Now that it is out more than half of them are gone. I won't tell you which ones - if you care you either already know or will find out on your own. It's sad to see them go, but the rest of the bands and the new projects born out of the old bands' ashes should keep us in shows, happiness, and inspiration for the next few years at least. There's no end in sight yet. There is one other thing that! wanted to mention. This compilation is not about any kind of politics or ideology. There is no one theme that these bands are uniting behind. Getting all of them to agree on anything would probably be impossible, anyway. This is simply about fun; a celebration of N.W. Punk and Hardcore. Causes and purpose and action are all impoftant, but sometimes you've got to be able to just enjoy yourself. That's what this compilation is all about. I don't think it needs to be anything else.
-Dave L. 11/94

Добавить тут нечего, сам сборник интересен песней Christopher Robin, которая больше нигде не была издана.
Да и вообще на сборнике присутствую множество групп, о которых я раньше не слышал и был приятно удивлен знакомством с ними.
V/A - Universal Choking Sign (12") (Excursion Records, 1994)
01. Greg Bennick - Choking
02. Brand New Unit - I Know Nothing
03. Digh Down - Another Chance
04. Christopher Robin - A Reason
05. Bicker - Cuddle
06. Sparkmarker - Tamarack
07. Hutch - Kiss The Floor
08. Artless Motives - Give
09. Ten-0-Seven - Barrentime
10. Undertow - Everything
11. Stovebolt - Judas
12. Jayhawker - Pokerface
13. Strain - Behind The Wall
14. Has Been - Untitled

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size:128 mb
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